Lynn Cassiers, born in Antwerp 1984. After studying at ‘de Kunsthumaniora’ of Antwerp, she received her ‘Bachelor Degree in Music’ in 2006 at the Royal Conservatory of The  Hague. Her teachers were; Rachel Gould, Kristina Fuchs, Natasha Röth, John Ruocco and Eric Vloeimans and she attended masterclasses with guestteachers like; Jay Clayton, Dave Liebman, Mark Murphy, Ronan Guilfoyele, Billie Hart, Judy Niemack, among others.In 2001 Lynn was a laureate of the Axion-classics competition. In july 2005 she appeared as a semi-finalist on the ‘Sure jazz-voice competition’ of the Montreux Jazzfestival. Since 2008 she is a teacher vocal jazz at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, Belgium.

 Lynn is a singer that performs in the jazz and impro scene in and around belgium. For that she uses some small electronics. She’s been performing with musicians as; Riccardo Luppi, Marshall Allen,Jack Van Poll, Leon Parker, Alexandra Grimal,  Daysuke Takaoka, Manolo Cabras, Rudy Trouvé, Eric Thielemans, Pierre Perchaud, Nelson Veras, Erik Vermeulen, Joao Lobo, Giovanni Di Domenico, Oriol Roca, Brice Soniano, Bruno Da Silva  … She’s part of Jozef Dumoulin’s ‘lidlboj’, Octurn ‘7 Eyes’, Riccardo Luppi’s Mure Mure, Tape Cuts Tape, The Crappy Mini Band, The Bird,The Fish and The Ball(solo), among others

Collaborations; Giori Politi (audio-visual ‘live’ performance MAKA), Michiel De Malsche and GUSO(composition for symphonic Orchestra), Scoreman ‘Urban Project’, Festival D’Anères: Music For Charley Bowers, Michael De Cock/’T Arsenaal(Vliegen tot de hemel, Het einde van de wereld, Biechten), Brussels Jazz Orchestra,’ Music From My Mothers Knees’ (Octurn/Mira Calix/Boris Van Der Avoort), Stéphanie Pan, Raul Fernandez aka Refree(singer songwriter), Cabezas de Cera en Juan Pablo Villa , Pakyan Lau and others…


  • Wrapped In ‘Don’t Scare Isn’t Life Human’(New Oh Records, 2008) compilation Vinyl, Denmark
  • Mrs. Okkido ‘Mrs Okkido’(b.y_records, 2008) CD, Belgium
  • Lidlboj ‘Trees Are Always Right’(BEE JAZZ Records, 2009) CD, France
  • Octurn ‘7 Eyes’(Octurn, 2009) CD, Belgium
  • The Crappy Mini Band ‘Licking Forward’(LMALC Records, 2010) CD, Belgium
  •  Michael De Cock and Brussels Jazz Orchestra ‘Vliegen Tot De Hemel’(DavidsFonds, 2010) book + CD, Belgium
  • Pierre Perchaud ‘Par Quatre Chemins’(Gemini Records, 2010) CD, France
  • Riccardo Luppi’s Mure Mure ‘Live In Milan’(el Negocito Records, 2010) CD, Belgium
  • Tape Cuts Tape ‘Pagan Recorder’(HeavenHotel Records, 2010) vinyl, Belgium
  • Michael De Cock and Brussels Jazz Orchestra ‘Het Einde Van De Wereld'(DavidsFonds, 2011) book + CD, Belgium
  • Manolo Cabras & Basic Borg ‘I Wouldn’t Be Sure'(el Negocito Records), CD, Belgium
  • Tape Cuts Tape ‘Black Mold'(Rough Trade/Jesusfactory), Vinyl + CD, Belgium/U.K.
  • ‘The Bird, The Fish and The Ball(RATRecords), CD, Belgium
  • Arkala, ‘Eksoh'(ArkalaRec, 2015) Digital Release, U.K.
  • Norberto and Joao Lobo Sextet ‘Oba Loba'(SilentWater, Shhhpuma), Vinyl+ CD, Portugal/Belgium
  • Tape Cuts Tape ‘Lost Footage'(HeavenHotelRecords), Vinyl + CD, Belgium
  • Lilly Joel ‘What Lies In The Sea'(Sub Rosa, 2015) CD, Belgium
  • ‘Spring Encounter In Hangzhou'(Yuefu Xin Records, 2016) netrelease, China
  • Oba Loba ‘Sir Robert Williams'(three:four records), Vinyl, Switzerland
  • ‘IMAGINARY BAND’, Lynn Cassiers (Clean Feed records, 2018)


Lynn Cassiers’ Imaginary Band: Aubergine Artist Management. Stef Vonk: stef@aubergineartistmanagement.com 

The Bird, the Fish and the Ball/LILLY JOEL/Riccardo Luppi’s Mure Mure: lynnimini@hotmail.com

Tape Cuts Tape: VOX-Artist Management & Booking Agency. Dieter Craeye: voxconcerts@skynet.be