Lynn Cassiers is a Brussels based singer/soundscaper in the new jazz and improv scene. In Belgium she has worked with contemporary jazz ensembles such as Octurn, The Brussels Jazz Orchestra and Mäâk. She’s part of bands like Tape Cuts Tape (w Rudy Trouvé/Eric Thielemans), Flying Nimbus(w Manolo Cabras), Lilly Joel(w Jozef Dumoulin), Oba Loba, Lidlboj, Alexandra Grimal’s ‘Naga’, ‘La Vapeur au-dessus du Riz’ (opera clandestin de Alexandra Grimal), Eve Beuvens Tri(w)ords,…

Besides performing solo and as a sideman, Lynn leads her own projects: ‘Imaginary Band’(clean feed 2018) and ‘YUN’(clean feed 2020). Two mid sized electro-acoustic ensembles that, despite a partially overlapping line-up, each have their own distinct sound and repertoire. (w Erik Vermeulen, Marek Patrman, Manolo Cabras, Bo van der Werf, Jozef Dumoulin, Sylvain Debaisieux, Ananta Roosens, Niels Van Heertum)

Recent collaborations include: ‘Konbini’ (Pak Yan Lau), ‘Holsen & Cassiers (Hilde Holsen) and the audiovisual performance ‘On The Edge Of Memories’ (Sylvaine Hélary & Anne Palomérés).

Lynn’s work suggests a wide variety of styles including free jazz, pop, rock, noise, film music, folk and ambient. Over the years she has developed a unique style, using electronics to manipulate her voice and create abstract sound textures in a multitude of musical contexts. Her work has been reviewed by the international press.

…One of the most remarkable voices of our Improv Scene…”(Enola magazine)

“…Cassiers is brilliant. She really couldn’t care less about genres and vested expectations: she creates her own sonic universe in which avant-garde pop (think Laurie Anderson), traditional jazz and free improv meet, in a wonderful mixture that avoids all the traps of doing this..”(freeJazzBlog)


Raised in a musical family and despite her early roots as a teenager singing in her brother’s cover band, Lynn was introduced to jazz at an early age. She studied Jazz vocals at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and had her first bands in such musical environment. Though soon enough her curiosity for contemporary music and other art forms drew her to the realm of ‘improvised music’ and ‘sound art’. She integrated a small set of electronics that ever since has grown around her musical needs.

Besides performing solo or with bands, Lynn has made music for theatre, silent movies and ‘live projections’. She performed around the world and had the honour to play with artists such as: Marshall Allen, Toshimaru Nakamura, Airelle Besson, Salia Sanou, Leon Parker, Lyenn, Akira Sakata, Vincent Glowinski a.k.a. bonom, Bruno Chevillon, Marc Ducret, Benoît Delbecq, Théo Ceccaldi, Gilbert Nouno, Nelson Veras, Pierre Perchaud, Oriol Roca, David Soler, Zingaro, Norberto Lobo, Joao Lobo, Erik Vermeulen, Manolo Cabras, Niels Van Heertum, Giovanni Di Domenico, Nick Roth, Gerda Dendooven  HSBG, Liu Heng, Brice Soniano, Daysuke Fuwa, Olifa Hsieh, Sylvain Lemêtre, Michael De Cock,…

Studies: ‘de Kunsthumaniora’ of Antwerp and The Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Teachers; Rachel Gould, Kristina Fuchs, Natasha Röth, John Ruocco and Eric Vloeimans. Masterclasses; Jay Clayton, Dave Liebman, Mark Murphy, Ronan Guilfoyle, Billie Hart, Judy Niemack, among others. In 2001 Lynn was a laureate of the Axion-classics competition. She appeared as a semi-finalist on the the montreux vocal jazz competition 2005.

Since 2008 she teaches vocal jazz at the Lemmens Institute/LUCA school of Arts in Leuven, Belgium.