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New Release: Lynn Cassiers’ IMAGINARY BAND (cleanfeed records) RELEASE CONCERTS:

So happy to present new music written for those wonderful musicians:  Erik Vermeulen; piano, Manolo Cabras; double bass, Marek Patrman; drums, Ananta Roosens; Violin, Sylvain Débaisieux; tenor/sop sax, Niels van Heertum; euphonium.





Creation of ‘YUN’ for JazzLab Verzilverd December 2018@DeSingel

img_20160425_204626Also very excited to have been invited as a Carte Blanche Artist to the Jazzlab Verzilverd Series. For this occasion we’ll be exploring jazz standards with Bo van der Werf; baritone saxophone, Jozef Dumoulin; fender rhodes, Erik Vermeulen; piano, Manolo Cabras; double bass and Marek Patrman; drums. We’ll have a residency at DeSingel in Antwerp and present the project on some of Flanders’ most beautiful stages in December 2018.

Portugal Release Tour OBA LOBA Presenting: Sir Robert Williams (three:four records)


Oba Loba is back to present it’s second record!! If you happen to be in Portugal please come and join us, 🙂 The obis are: Norberto Lobo; guitar, bass and voice, Joao Lobo; drums and voice, Giovanni Di Domenico; piano, fender rhodes, Ananta Roosens; violin, trumpet and voice, Jordi Grognard; clarinets and graia







Travelling Japan-Taiwan 22.05-05.06 2018

Yes, together with buddy and sound artist Pak Yan Lau(Going, Stills, The Crappy Mini Band-founder) we’ll be presenting both solo work and collaborations with local musicians in Tokyo and Taiwan. My first and last visit to Japan was on tour with The Crappy Mini Band in 2008. It was a unique and unforgettable experience, can’t wait to go again!