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(March 2016, Hangzhou, China. The sun goes down behind Xi Lake, I’m going to our daily gig at the JZ Club that’s right in front of this beautiful place. See more pictures below)

New Season!!

I just realize I haven’t posted since one year! My travel to China for three months had definitely something to do with that. It’s been a great experience. I had the chance to sing every day for at least three months! I’ve learned a lot, travelled with my solo project and made an album with a Mongolian singer/horse head fiddle player and a Chinese percussionist for yuefu xin records. The record is called Spring Encounter in Hangzhou’. listen album: http://music.163.com/#/album?id=34674185


Soon we’ll be presenting the final product of Kawral: Brussels-Ouagadougou dance/music/light performance lead by the great Burkinabe choreographer Salia Sanou and Brussel ‘s trumpetist Laurent Blondiau. The première will take place on the 30th of September and 1st of October in Théâtre 140, Brussels.


The rest of the year will bring some suprises. OBALOBA , the young 7 headed band lead by Norberto and Joao Lobo will be recording again in october, a next record is on it’s way. I’ll be very happy to take part in Parisian sax player/composer Alexandra Grimal’s newest creation ‘La Vapeur Au-Dessus Du Riz‘. The line-up: Théo CeccaldiAtushi SakaiBruno ChevillonSylvaine HelarySylvain Lemêtre. First presentation of this project will be on 13th of January at Musiques au Comptoir, France. Another interesting collaboration will be with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. The production will be called after the renomated poetry bundle ‘Kaneelvingers’ by Stefan Hertmans. The music will be of his brother’s hand, guitarist Peter Hertmans. Prémière on the 24th of March 2017.

Not only new projects see the light this year. We’ll be around with TAPE CUTS TAPE(rudy Trouvé, lynn Cassiers, eric Thielemans) on the 11th of November at the BOZAR!   Also Lilly Joel, duo with fender rhodes player Jozef Dumoulin  will keep on bringing around it’s freshly recorded What Lies Beneath the Sea'(sub rosa).

lilly-joel(Lilly Joel at Festival Tricot, Paris, April 2016)

So, in a nutshell that’s the news. I keep on breeding meanwhile, ’cause plans for a new band haunt my dreams lately. I’ll keep you posted!

(trailer ‘Er Staat Een Vrouw In De Kou’ Tails for kids by and with Gerda Dendooven ‘T Arsenaal’ December 2015)

(KAWRAL, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, February 2015. This trailer documents the  first meeting between the 5 Burkinabe dancers, 5 Belgium-based musicians and light engineer Sam Mary. Excerpts of a fruitful week of work; experiment, joy and creation.)


Some pictures of a 2 and a half months stay in Hangzhou China. We had a lot of fun. The band: Simone Schirru, Pier Giorgio Pirro, Nicola Lancerotti and Antonio Fusco. Special guest: Daniele Martini.


New Album! – 15th of October out on Sub Rosa

cover LJ

After last year’s ‘busy-ness’ i’m happy to have a lot of good news to share for the season that’s coming up. First of all the record release of LILLY JOEL‘s first album! What Lies In The Sea is a record we’ve been working on for quite some time with fender rhodes player Jozef Dumoulin. The music, you’ll see, coming forth out of improvisation is quite hard to label. For sure it is spaciously calm and at the same time adventurously odd. But I guess you’ll hear that for yourselves once it’s there! Hope you’ll enjoy it. The beautiful art work is by Photographer Sophie Saporosi. The Record comes out the 15th of October on the Sub Rosa Label based in Brussels. Release concert in Brussels will take place on the 25th of November at Recyclart. Further info will come soon!

Next month we’ll be in Spain recording a new album and playing some gigs with the ‘Bad Currency’. A band by the Catalan guitarist/composer David Soler accompanied by Sardinian bass player Manolo Cabras, playing the electric bass for this occasion, and Catalan drummer Oriol Roca.

Than the presentation of the second record already of a quite young band called Oba Loba. A collective-spirited band lead by the Portuguese Not-Brothers: Lobo. Norberto Lobo(guitars) and Joao Lobo(drums), joined by other creative and brussels based artists like Giovanni Di Domenico(fender rhodes), Ananta Roossens(trumpet, violin) and Jordi Grognard(saxophones, flutes and clarinets). We’ll be releasing in Porutgal in November,  I’ll keep you posted on the gigs!

Last year we’ve been so lucky to have a 10 day long residence in Burkina Faso to prepare for the creation of the Dance Production KAWRAL. Kawral will be created this november here in Brussels. Under the lead of Burkinan choreographer Salia Sanou, musical supervision by Belgian trumpet player Laurent Blondiau and light design by French artist Sam Mary. The dancers coming from Burkina Faso are Miriam Traore, Ibrahim Zongo, Daouda Zerbo, Lucie Ouédraogo and Michael Nana. The musicians from Western Europe are Giovanni Di Domenico, Nico Roig and Joao Lobo. The Burkina experience has been a lot of fun and full of invention. I’m curious and impatient for the european sequel of this band.

In december I’ll have the opportunity to work with the great Belgian illustrator Gerda Dendooven. Gerda illustrated numerous books and theaterplays for whom she received prestigious prices such as Boekenpauw, Gouden Uil and Vlaamse Cultuur Prijs. Her work is often adressing children though this time will be adressed to families enjoying the Winter at the Wintervuur Festival in Antwerp during christmas. There, Gerda and myself will cocoon in a beautiful tent where we’ll welcome the audience with our visions on Winter.  I’m looking forward to this creation, meeting such an ispiring artist’s universe and diving together in Er Staat Een Vrouw In De Kou.

Last but… . well. From january on I will be exploring other grounds as far as Hangzhou, China. 3 months I’ll be off with a fine jazz band under direction of Nicola Lancerotti with whom we’ll play everyday in a local jazz club there. Time for me to dig deep into some material, to get some fresh air from all the things i’ve been doing and to get to know another culture in a way I wouldn’t be able by travelling.



New Release!


Release concerts of Tape Cuts Tape’s new record ‘Lost Footage’ kicked off yesterday at ‘Het Bos’ in Antwerp! With The Tone Zones and the great Tenace Orchestra.

yet to come:

20/03: Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, 21/03: Het Trefpunt, Ghent, 27/03: KC België, Hasselt, 28/03: 4AD, Diksmuide, 05/06: de Studio, Antwerp


Summer came, passed quickly and some nice new projects have already seen the light. For instance the BASIL VALENTINE project lead by english composer and saxophone player Nick Röth. Music around the ’12 keys’ of German 15th century Alchemist, created last week in the Centre Culturel Irlandais, in Paris. With his brothers Simon and Alex Röth and the french Ondes de Martenaux player Nathalie Forget. Or the week residencyin Barcelona to put up the new BAD CURRENCY, a quiteelectronic/jazz band made by Catalan guitarist David Soler, with Manolo Cabras on el. bass and Oriol Roca on drums.

But also many nice things to look forward to this year.There are some new records made or coming out soon!

Next week we’ll be recording the first album of LILLY JOEL, the electronic duo with rhodes/casio player Jozef Dumoulin.

After that follows the release tour in Porugal of brand new band called OBALOBA, around the Portugese duo by Norberto Lobo(guitares) and Joao Lobo(drums) joined by Giovanni Di Domenico on keys, Jordi Grongard on horns and Ananta Roossens on Violin.

At the end of March it’s time to release TAPE CUTS TAPE‘s 3rd album!! That is some rock meets impro and lots of other stuff with Rudy Trouvé and Eric Thielemans. This release tour will be also a celebration of the Heaven Hotel Records label by Rudy Trouvé and so you’ll find a lot of other interesting concerts to go and discover at the same time.

In May we’ll be recording Catalan guiarists David Soler’s named BAD CURRENCY with Manolo Cabras on electric bass and Oriol Roca on drums. A band with whom we worked already earlier last month in 5 days residency in Barcelona to get the music together.

Than last but not least is a week long residency in Burkina Faso with the Mäâk Electro project ‘ELECTROUAGA‘ in february. This will be a co creation between belgian trumpet player Laurent Blondiau and Salia Sanou, the multitalented choreographer/dancer from Burkina Faso. With Giovanni Di Domenico on rhodes, Nico Roig on bass and Joao Lobo on drums, and 4 Burkina dancers tba!

And of course, not only new things live! Last year’s projects will go on like; french saxophonist  Alexandra Grimal’s band NAGA with Nelson Veras and Marc Ducret on guitares, Benoit Delbeq and Jozef Dumoulin on piano/rhodes and Stephane Galland on drums. The closing concert of the Gaume ‘Awake‘ Creation between the band Quark and myself, And i’ll be playing around with my solo: The Bird The Fish and The Ball and other bands… but for that i’ll keep you posted on the calendar.


photo: Basil Valentine at CCI Paris (by Konstantin Lunarin)