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3 – 6/04: residency ‘Games & Motives’ @ Rataplan, Antwerp
15/04: Lilly Joel Plays The Organ @ Orgelpark, Amsterdam (Nl)
23/04: Cassiers/Di Liberto/Cabras/Pisano @ Bflat, Cagliari (I)
24/04: Workshop ‘Treated Voice’ @ Academie Fiocco, Brussels
26/04: Lilly Joel @ De Koer, Ghent
28/04: Oriol Roca Trio & Lynn Cassiers @ Sounds, Brussels
30/04: Lorena Del Mar & Lynn Cassiers @ Music Village, Brussels
2/05: Riccardo Luppi’s Mure Mure @ Hot Club Gent, Ghent
3/05: Augusto Pirodda Septet ‘The Monkey & The Monk’ @ Jazz Station, Brussels
6/05: Lilly Joel @ Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (Nl)
16/05: Airelle Besson Quartet @ Le Manège, Roche-sur-Yon (Fr)
17/05: Sylvaine Hélary l’Orchestre Incandescent’ @ Le Petit Faucheux, Tours 
20/05: Stephanie Pan’s Reimagining Opera @ V2, Rotterdam (Nl)
21/05: Eve Beuvens Angels Trio @ Neumünster Abbey, Luxembourg (L)
26/05: ‘Music For Trees’ Orchestre Vivo! @ Théâtre Royale de Namur, Liège
28/05: Airelle Besson Quartet @ Vilnius Mama Jazz 2023, Vilnius (Lith)
2/06: Augusto Pirodda Septet ‘The Monkey & The Monk’ @ Rataplan, Antwerp
11/06: Lynn Cassiers Trio @ Jazz Station, Brussels
18/06: Holsen & Cassiers @ Artefact, Leuven
19/06: Holsen & Cassiers @ Werkplaats Walter, Brussels
25/06: Music For Trees Orchestre Vivo! @ CC de Huy, Huy
1/07: Lilly Joel Plays The Organ @ Superspectives Festival, Lyon (Fr)
22/07: Nabou Claerhout & Lynn Cassiers @ Wonderfeel, Amsterdam (Nl)



Out on STROOM, 20th Of January ’23: Holsen & Cassiers debut ‘Walking In Circles’

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Out on UNDERPOOL, 16th of February: Oriol Roca Trio & Lynn Cassiers ‘Live @ Jazz Cava’

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Out Now on SUB ROSA: Lilly Joel Plays The Organ – Sibyl Of The Rhine

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Interview in Le Soir

Out Now on ROBALO: Dancing With Don

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YUN performs ‘Pocket Anthem for a Palace’: a hymne for Palais de Beaux-Arts in Brussels written in assignment of BOZAR’s expo PROJECTPALEIS.

Interview for Citizen Jazz


Full  Interview with CITIZEN JAZZ (‘Hi Birds’ by Hybrids): 

“S’il est de bon ton, parlant d’un artiste, de louer l’univers très personnel dont il est capable, il convient de reconnaître que peu de musicien·ne·s peuvent se targuer d’avoir un biotope aussi riche que la chanteuse belge Lynn Cassiers. Repérée depuis longtemps dans ses propres projets comme aux côtés de Jozef Dumoulin ou dans Octurn, Lynn Cassiers s’est imposée comme une artiste incontournable des musiques improvisées et même au-delà. Voix onirique, travaillée, reconnaissable entre toutes, elle avait impressionné il y a quelques mois avec son projet Yun, qui explorait des standards, à sa manière unique. On la retrouve avec Alexandra Grimal dans un duo familier et plein de poésie. Rencontre avec une musicienne incontournable de la scène européenne.”


YUN (clean feed 2020)



The PRESS about YUN (clean feed 2020) BUY

Disque Elu! Citizen Jazz “…Yun is a discovery with every listening, a delicious phonic and sensory experience, absolutely brilliant,...”(Raphaël Benoit for Citizen Jazz, France)

Europe Jazz Media Charts 9 2020 Lynn Cassiers is a sophisticated arranger. (…) She creates a remarkable contemporary sonic context instead with a special dramaturgy and musical arrangement for the captivating emergence of intimate islands of dreamy ‘old’ melodies, (…)

Salt Peanuts“all the way, this is very original vocal music that lies at the intersection between modern jazz and electronic music… Cassiers has made an original and nice record, which there are not many to compare with.” (Jan Granlie for Salt Peanuts, Norway)

Written In Music “A multitude of perspectives that not only honor the great composers, but that once again do justice to the improvisational skills of the Belgian school. ” (Leon Pouwels for Written In Jazz)

Enola You can safely consider Lynn Cassiers as the most unique vocalist of Belgian jazz and improvisation.” (Guy Peters for Enola about Flying Nimbus and Yun) “It’s a Cassier’s album pur sang: strange and yet vaguely recognizable, difficult to fathom and yet stimulating, intimidating and seductive. The term ‘siren’ was not yet mentioned. Yun is not average, let alone easy to digest, but a daring album that only wants to be approached on its own terms. And that provided an hour of music to get lost in over and over again.

Jazz Forum "Cassiers's music is extremely colorful, surprising, often very lyrical and with carpets of sounds. ... It is fleeting, delicate, caresses the ear like a spring breeze. Cassiers has something of Bjork and Laurie Andersonn, Norma Winstone about her, got her original sonic world - exotic, stunningly sensual, sultry, labyrinthine and mysterious"(Marek Romanski for Jazz Forum Poland)

Plus.nettavisen “Lynn Cassiers apears both as a vocalist, voice artist and bandleader with something very special at heart. She is and has a voice that will be very exciting to follow”(Tor Hammero, Norway)


Soundcontest the young and creative Lynn Cassiers, whose vision is imprinted with dynamic acrobatics and true exploratory propensity, and whose planning animates an unstable blend of free avant-garde impulses and mighty legacy of the jazz form.” (Aldo del Noce, Italy)

Jazzques Rarely (if ever) have these standards been reinvented in this way. It’s just beautiful and touching.” (Jacques Prouvost at Jazzques Blog)

HUMO***1/2 “Lynn Cassiers’ third record sounds like a twisted love story between Jim O’Rourke and Julia Holter. … a dreamy trip till far above the stratosphere” (Koen Lauwers for Humo, Belgium)

Jazz Convention “There is a kind of magnificence and consensual freedom in the splendid understanding of these admirable musicians.”(Nicola Barin for Jazz Convention, Italy)

Jazz AroundThroughout the album, the same phantasmagoria operates. Waves of hyper-famous melodies emerge but transfigured by the magic of electronics interspersed with collective improvisations. ” (Claude Loxhay for Jazz Around)

JazzHalo “… “YUN” may be Chinese inspired, but the music feels perfect when reading Murakami, bizarre and fascinating, as engaging as Lynn Cassiers’ Jazz in wonderland!” (Bernard Lefèvre for JazzHalo, Belgium)

Le Mad ***” …YUN is the shock of the avant-garde and the swing years. Lynn Cassiers has the knack of making this shock a delight, which causes surprise and marvel at every track. She and her band, such strong osmosis between six musicians. An album to listen in loop and extract all it’s juice.” (Jean-Claude Vantroyen for Le Mad in Le Soir, Belgium)

Jazzenzo “…Utterlly Lynn Cassiers but rooted in tradition. … Lynn Cassiers as the Julie London of the elecro-jazz?Absolutely!”

(Georges Tonla Briquet for Jazzenzo, The Netherlands)

Jazzradar From dark and heavy to light-footed and transparent, you will encounter all graduations in between.(Eddy Westveer for Jazzradar, The Netherlands)

Critics At Large The geography of the imagination which the Belgian-based vocalist travels with her gifted band of electro-acoustic jazz players is a re-examination of the outer horizons of what the word “jazz” can mean.” (Donald Brackett, USA)

Jazz & Mo: A beautiful symbiosis of soundscapes in electronic and acoustic impulses …a spicy, adventurous CD from inspired improvisers. (Chris Joris)