“You can safely consider Lynn Cassiers as the most unique vocalist of Belgian jazz an improvisation. (…)the control of her impressive arsenal is just as impressive as her control of the voice. Most beautiful of all is probably her ability to bring together apparent contradictions in highly personal forms, as she already proved in other people’s bands, but also solo and her own Imaginary Band and YUN.” (Enola Magazine)

“…Cassiers is brilliant. She really couldn’t care less about genres and vested expectations: she creates her own sonic universe in which avant-garde pop (think Laurie Anderson), traditional jazz and free improv meet, in a wonderful mixture that avoids all the traps of doing this..”(freeJazzBlog)

Lynn Cassiers shapes her music by meticulously distorting the sounds she chooses with virtuoso skill. Any sound material that she approaches is kneaded to give substance to her art in completely free expression. In the case of this album, jazz standards are summoned to be disjointed, then reassembled in a patchwork fashion, stitched together with an electronic thread that the singer knows and masters as much as her vocal technique.”(Citizen Jazz)

Lilly Joel Plays The Organ in Salt Peanuts:

“Sibyl Of The Rhine sounds untimely and archaic at the same time. The key elements of this album are listening, feeling and dreaming. The chilling, subtle electronics blend and resonate organically and slowly with the spacious, ethereal and vibrant sounds of the pipe organ and with the celestial, warm voice of Cassiers and her dreamy delivery, all intensify the simple but hypnotic beauty of von Bingen’s melodies. (Eyal Hareuveni)

Lilly Joel Plays The Organ in Le Soir:

4 stars: “Mais avec lematériau qu’étaient les monodies de la moniale du XIIe siècle, les deux Belges ontréussi à forger une musique qui, justement, parvient à eff acer les excitations denotre société et à susciter la méditation, la remise en question, la réfl exion. Unemusique apaisée, calme, faite d’amour et de dignité.” (J-C-V)

Interview with Lilly Joel for Le Soir

Lilly Joel Plays The Organ in Westzeit

5 Stars: “here shimmers behind the undoubted beauty shimmers decay, behind the youthful radiance the wise wrinkles of age” 

The Press about Yun:

YUN DUSQUE ELU in Citizen Jazz: “…Yun is a discovery with every listening, a delicious phonic and sensory experience, absolutely brilliant,...”(Raphaël Benoit for Citizen Jazz, France)

full article:

HUMO***1/2 “Lynn Cassiers’ third record sounds like a twisted love story between Jim O’Rourke and Julia Holter. … a dreamy trip till far above the stratosphere” (Koen Lauwers for Humo)

full article:

Le Mad ***” …YUN is the shock of the avant-garde and the swing years. Lynn Cassiers has the knack of making this shock a delight, which causes surprise and marvel at every track. She and her band, such strong osmosis between six musicians. An album to listen in loop and extract all it’s juice.” (Jean-Claude Vantroyen for Le Mad in Le Soir) 

full article:

JazzHalo “… “YUN” may be Chinese inspired, but the music feels perfect when reading Murakami, bizarre and fascinating, as engaging as Lynn Cassiers’ Jazz in wonderland!” (Bernard Lefèvre for JazzHalo)

full article:

Jazzques Rarely (if ever) have these standards been reinvented in this way. It’s just beautiful and touching.” (Jacques Prouvost at Jazzques Blog)

full article:

Jazzenzo “…Utterlly Lynn Cassiers but rooted in tradition. (…) Lynn Cassiers as the Julie London of the elecro-jazz?Absolutely!”(Georges Tonla Briquet for Jazzenzo, The Netherlands)

full article:

Jazzradar In her band, Cassiers is accompanied by the crème de la crème of the Belgian Jazz and Improscene.(…) Traditional jazz marries unorthodox sounds instrumentation. From dark and heavy to light-footed and transparent, you will encounter all graduations in between. (…)Seldomly the musical choices are obvious. Predictability can be pleasant, but challenging choices offer more space and also tell more about the preferences of the musicians. (Eddy Westveer for Jazzradar, The Netherlands)

Full article:

Press about Yun Live:

It’s the new architecture, the new territory that unravels by Lynn and Yun that matters. And they are fabulous. Recommended to discover urgently.” (Le Soir  12/08/2019 ‘Les Femmes subliment le Gaume Jazz’ by J-C-V)

“….The opener ‘I Love You’ by Cole Porter was straight away vintage Cassiers, manipulating plenty of buttons, she coloured her voice through a variety of effects. Also Jozef Dumoulin, the man who does magic, getting the most wonderful sounds out a fender rhodes, gave the music a spacey effect. His interaction with pianist Eric Vermeulen was through the whole concert a attraction in its own..” (de Standaert, December 21, ’19: ‘Stokoud maar niet versleten’ by Peter De Backer)

Flying Nimbus Live

(…) a cast-iron performance by a duo that guarantees a universe of its own that is controlled to perfection and at the same time exudes a spontaneous attraction.(…)In short, it was a concert that immersed you in an intoxicating universe with an enormously wide range that was always anchored in an equally clear and idiosyncratic vision. Moreover, the duo have arrived at the enviable tipping point where playing music actually becomes playing with music, and that is something that will always impress, mask or not. ”(Guy Peters for Enola Magazine)

full article:

“The universe is fascinating and conducive to an imagination where anything goes … especially the melody. Because the melody is there, omnipresent, in an ultra delicate red thread. A particular alchemy exists between these two artists, these two bodies, these two spirits, through a choreography of gestures and gazes that belong only to them. The osmosis is undeniable. For over an hour, in perfect listening quality, we were on another planet, pristine and pure. A planet we dream of and still dream of… ”(Jacques Prouvost for Jazzques)

full article:


Lynn Cassiers

20140314 Lynn Cassiers dans L’Avenir


Tape Cuts Tape


Imaginary Band clean feed 22/5/2018

Lynn Cassiers – Imaginary Band

The Bird the Fish and the Ball   record–the-bird-the-fish-and-the-ball

The Bird the Fish and the Ball   ‘LIVE’

Basic Borg


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