Dancing With Don

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****Here we are in the very essence of jazz: music in the moment. ... Tous les trois sont de grands improvisateurs, ils le montrent dans cette Danse avec Don, qui ouvre des paysages sonores magnifiques, joyeux ou mélancoliques, brutaux ou éthérés.(J-C-V for Le Soir)

A mysterious sound world that fits like a soundtrack to the film noir genre.(Bernard Lefevre for Jazzhalo)

Those who like to get lost in the electro-acoustic mists of the great improv realm have a lot of work to do here.(Georges Tonla Briquet for Jazhalo)

This is a jazz trio that improvises songs in a very original way. Besides being three excellent musicians, Lynn, Manolo and João have been collaborating for about 20 years in various constellations. They have their own unique improvisational language, carved and polished over the years. From a home session, recorded without pretension, came this album, released in 2022 by Robalo.

Lynn Cassiers: voice and electronics
Manolo Cabras: double bass
João Lobo: drums

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released January 10, 2022

all music improvised by Dancing With Don
recorded in the spring of 2021 at Noyer Studios
mixed and mastered by Manolo Cabras
artwork by Claudia Ignoto
graphic design by Sonja Melis


26/11/2022: PORTAJAZZ (Porto)

27/11/2022: MAAT (Lisboa)