Release New Album ‘YUN’ -Clean Feed, June 2020

YUN is a new project with Bo Van der Werf (baritone sax), Jozef Dumoulin (fender rhodes), Erik Vermeulen (piano), Manolo Cabras (double bass), Marek Patrman (drums). Arrangements, voice and electronics by Lynn Cassiers.

YUN DUSQUE ELU in Citizen Jazz: “…Yun is a discovery with every listening, a delicious phonic and sensory experience, absolutely brilliant,...”(Raphaël Benoit for Citizen Jazz)

HUMO***1/2 “Lynn Cassiers’ third record sounds like a twisted love story between Jim O’Rourke and Julia Holter. … a dreamy trip till far above the stratosphere” (Koen Lauwers for Humo)

JazzHalo “… “YUN” may be Chinese inspired, but the music feels perfect when reading Murakami, bizarre and fascinating, as engaging as Lynn Cassiers’ Jazz in wonderland!” (Bernard Lefèvre for JazzHalo)

Le Mad ***” …YUN is the shock of the avant-garde and the swing years. Lynn Cassiers has the knack of making this shock a delight, which causes surprise and marvel at every track. She and her band, such strong osmosis between six musicians. An album to listen in loop and extract all it’s juice.” (Jean-Claude Vantroyen for Le Mad in Le Soir)

The Mandarin word “Yun” means “Cloud” and it describes quite well the purposes of this new project lead by the Belgian singer Lynn Cassiers: the exploration by an electro-acoustic ensemble of the traditional roots of that music we call jazz. Cassiers re-arranged eight standards of the American Songbook, giving different harmonic and rhythmic structures to the classic melodies of songs like “But Not for Me” and “I Love You” and providing new grounds to improvise with it. The “Yun” in question is made of the possible and improbable relationships between musical patrimony and invention, and this record is «an ode to anachronisms and other time-space related discrepancies». If, as Cassiers verifies, «our indentity today seems less and less defined by what is supposed to be our own heritage», the resulting re-creations are simultaneously a delight for any open ears and food for thought. A proof that, in this new century, tradition and contemporaneity can really «find a way to co-exist»…


Tracks: I You We – Nucleus – All – Move Them Mountains – Call It off – Nimbus – Seemin’ Easy – Nebula – Fair Deep Blue Skies – We’ll Be Again – Nube Mechanica – But

Recorded June 2019 @ Dada Studios by Peter Soldan. Mixed and Mastered by Manolo Cabras. Art work by SAPOROSI&PAROLE. Band pictures by Laurent Orseau.

With the support of Jazz Lab 2.5, deSingel and the flemish government

Yun recording at DADA STUDIOS by Laurent Orseau


Yun Live at Flagey by Laurent Orseau



yun_de standaard pdb

YUN Le Soir 12 août