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Lynn Cassiers and Alexandra Grimal met in 2003. Since then, they have never stopped playing together, experimenting and sharing all kinds of musical experiences. From free improvisation to very precise composition in Naga or The Steam from the Rice (la vapeur au-dessus du riz) by Alexandra Grimal, or Lynn Cassiers’ music, they explore different musical aesthetics beyond stylistic borders. Both improvisers and composers meet here in a colorful album, joyful as well as playful, opening profound and unusual perspectives. Two researcher heads share a wonderful complicity that has been growing in the course of the years. This encounter was precious, one of these fundamental ones that change a life, builds and feeds it. The two artists express in this record the multiplicity of their relation to sound, unified in a common desire of creating new forms.

Some of the texts are extracted form Antoine Cegarra’s libretto of la vapeur au-dessus du riz, clandestine opera from Alexandra Grimal released on the ovni label in 2020 and other texts are from Alexandra Grimal.

This incredible dialogue was recorded in 2017 at la scène nationale d’Albi, GMEA-Centre de Création Musical, Albi-Tarn by Benjamin Maumus and in Belgium at Sunny Side Studio, Brussels.

Mix and mastering in Brussels in 2021.

Many thanks to Sonja Melis, Antonia Fritche, Manolo Cabras, Benjamin Maumus, Didier Aschour
and the team of GMEA- Centre National de Création d’Albi-Tarn.

Contact : ovni@alexandragrimal.com. +33 (0)6 66 13 64 95