Lynn Cassiers’ Imaginary Band

Imaginary Band JPG #0 flat (1)

For the occasion of Brosella Folk and Jazz Festival 2017, I was asked to put my dream band together. Since years I dream of different ensembles I could put together with many of my favorite road-companions calling it always my ‘Imaginary Band’. Over the years the band took many forms in my head, always fantasizing on how the music would sound like. It has been XL and XS, electronic, acoustic, totally  eclectic, dreamy, noisy… Well, it’s time to stop dreaming. Finally I have the occasion to put one of those imaginary bands in practice and this is the line up ! Looking forward to create the music, 🙂

Pictures by Sophie Saporosi


Alexandra Grimal: soprano and tenor saxophone
Ananta Roosens: violin, trumpet
Niels Van Heertum: euphonium
Erik Vermeulen: piano
Manolo Cabras: double bass
Marek Patrman: drums
Lynn Cassiers: voice, electronics, composition