Solo for Table, Objects (and a Human Voice)




Lynn’s solo dates back to 2007. Her music was originally labelled as ‘experimental slow electro-acoustics’ but morphed eventually into 13 chamber pop songs on an album The Bird, the Fish and The Ball(Rat Records 2013). Resulting in abstract electronic pop improvisations during the live shows.

Today her solo shows itself far away from the poppy like songs we’d found on the album of 2013. Recent tours with improvising bands like Lilly Joel, Konbini (Pak Yan Lau) and Frankly Honest (Hilde Marie Holsen) drew her focus back to the abstract. Her residence at Les Ateliers Claus will be dedicated to record new material where she’ll aim to restrict her input sources for each session. Increasing limits to widen the horizons to her musical imagination. The final result will presented all sources combined; hence a Solo for Table, Objects (and a Human Voice). As for style: slowly modified electro-acoustic abstract song, will do.